Today I was flipped off & mocked at least a dozen times. I saw more teenage girls buttcheeks than I ever care to see in my entire lifetime & I had a man with 666 tattooed across his face call me a less than desirable name for a female. I am tired, dirty, & insanely frustrated. This is a difficult tour to be a part of & people continually think we’re a joke, but there’s always that one kid who comes & shares their personal story with me & legitimately thanks me for what I am a part of & what we do. It makes the days and hours that we struggle worth it. We’re just trying to do something positive in the middle of what can be such a negative type of atmosphere. All of the suffering is so worth it. With that being said, please pray for me & send me lots of good vibes.

You guys! My wedding dress designer posted a picture of me wearing her dress at the bridal shop on her Instagram…like 3 weeks ago & I just saw it! I want to post it so bad but I know Josh would see it! The designer is a woman with the initials SS. ;) I think most of you probably know who it is. Eeeee I’m so happy! 53 days!

Today I got to walk the red carpet with Josh at the AP Music Awards. While I never pictured myself doing that in my lifetime, & it was really neat, I don’t think ill ever be able to handle that type of attention. I don’t know how people do it. Photographers and screaming fans. I thought I was going to pass out. So insane. I’ll leave that to Josh.

Turning off my anon asks because y’all can’t respect my relationship. It’s really unfortunate & sad that I have 18 anon messages, from the same person I’m assuming, making up crazy stories. Silly girls.

" I meet Christians who are super-glossy, picture-perfect, law-abiding people, but they are absolutely miserable and difficult to be near. Their every movement is dictated by a strict rigid ruleset that is motivated by a desperate fear. If your efforts are not driven by grace — that God absolutely loves you no matter what — then you will punish yourself towards an invisible standard that looks like success but feels like slavery. Such a standard might work for a little while to conform your behavior, but it will never become a part of you: it’s just an apparatus that imprisons you. Only grace can truly be internalized to melt your heart, and though it can take longer, a truly tenderized heart follows God with all joy and perseverance. This is motivation by grace and grace alone. "

- J.S. (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)