I’m finally getting to the point in wedding planning where I am really, genuinely excited. I know that sounds terrible, because i’m engaged. I’m suppose to be in pre-marital bliss 24/7, right? Well, sadly that’s not always the case. As most of you may know Josh and I decided to plan our wedding in three months. Yes, you read that right. Three. Months. While our wedding ceremony will be pretty intimate, there are so many tiny details that you would never even dream of that go into it. There have been upsets, tears, emotional meltdowns, and stress like you wouldn’t believe. There have been countless moments where I would have given anything to just be consoled by my fiance, but reality has placed us on opposite sides of the country during this entire process.
Next week I fly home after three months of being on the road. I get to finally see what will be our first home together and spend a few short days with Josh actually celebrating our engagement, before we are off to Oklahoma.
Overall, most everything has fallen into place, just like Josh assured me it would…aside from the fact that I now may not have a wedding dress, but that’s another fantastic story, ha! I am finally excited. I am finally relieved of the stress, and not necessarily because of a lack of it as it is most definitely still there. I am relieved because regardless if I have a dress, or it rains, or we have no music for me to walk down the aisle to, or our ministers flight is delayed…I am marrying the man of my dreams. I am marrying the person that I would lay awake and pray to God about at 14 years old. I am marrying the “Peter Pan” that as a child I would fantasize about stealing me away in the middle of the night so that I didn’t have to face the war zones in my home. I have found him. He has finally come.

Exactly 12 days until I’m finally home in Nashville after being on tour for three months. Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for my job & the financial stability it has blessed me with, but I am so ready to be home.
One month from today I will be a married woman! I still have so much to do before then, but I really want to spend those final few moments to just celebrate with Josh since we’ve spent our entire engagement apart.
Josh also just announced that he and Icon For Hire will be touring with Hollywood Undead in Europe in the fall. I am so excited for him and the moves he’s making in his career but I can’t help but be a little sad that he’ll be overseas for a month so soon after our wedding. Especially since we’ve already spent these last few months apart. I guess it’s the price we pay for doing what we do.
Send lots of love and prayers my way please!